S. Van Nieuwenhuizen

Saul showed us exactly what we wanted to see within our budget. He is honest, and was very helpful in explaining the whole process, and connecting us to the relevant parties and services. He responds quickly and was able to assist with all our many queries. Will definitely use him again!

B. Green

It was a pleasure working with a fellow veteran who shares the same experiences and mindset when working through a very intimidating process. Saul was very knowledgeable about the process and his advice and real estate expertise instilled confidence in me during (and after!) the home buying process. He listened to my suggestions on things I liked and valued in homes and was able to locate a home for me that I could not be any happier with, and his contracts are top notch (very clear and concise). If I have to ever look for another home, I would want Saul on my team.

C. Lee

Saul was immediately reassuring and answered all the questions I had. He is very knowledgeable about state laws and potential pitfalls. Good man- I look forward to working with him in the future.

A. Lee

I worked with Saul in 2017 purchasing my first home for my family. I am a disabled Veteran, so Saul had to do a lot of extra things to accommodate me on showings. Not only that but I was buying from out of state as well and that is never an easy task. Despite this he let us know it was his job and he would to everything he could to get us here and taken care of. Saul really knows the market and is not afraid to tell someone they would be overpaying on a house or getting a good deal. The entire experience was enjoyable. I am so confident in him and his abilities, we are buying another house and we are letting him direct us where he knows we would want to be. We were also happy to find out Saul is a veteran as well and helping each other is what it’s all about.

E. Strubeck

As a veteran, Saul can better understand other vets. He has knowledge and experience in the local real estate market and can provide excellent advice whether you are buying or selling property.

E. Clark

Saul is a dedicated, thoughtful person who really listened to what I needed. He only showed me properties that were tailored to my tastes, he never wasted my time.

A. Olsen

Saul is a quintessential professional. During our house search, he was attuned to our preferences, listened to our timeline, and stepped up and helped us accelerate when we found the perfect house. We recommend Saul to anyone looking to find a home in this challenging Bozeman market.

We entered this buying experience as previous homeowners, yet the nuances of the current financial reality as well as the timing and pricing of this market was stressful. Saul, on the other hand, was knowledgeable, calm, and reliable. The way he treated us and his timely communication made all the difference.

G. Oiestad

Saul was very efficient and easy to work with. He provided us with all the information we needed to buy our new home. He was very helpful in moving the process along and making the whole experience fast and easy. We are very satisfied with our new home, and the sale of our old home. Everything worked out in the best way imaginable, and we feel very lucky.

We bought the house at a good time (2010) and sold at a good time. Our experience with Saul was great, and there were very few speed bumps.

C. Miller

Super Smart and informed. Very detailed yet pleasant. Kept “the deal” on a timeline by communicating deadline dates concerning the process of financing and buying the property. Very up to date with technology. I.e.: AuthentiSign as I purchased from out of the area

Agent was very good at helping with getting the home inspection and other listing agent to rectify small interior items and maintenance items prior to me accepting the property. All were fixed or serviced. The walk-through was not rushed. I was allowed to take my time, which was very helpful to me as I had purchased this property from pictures and the agent’s studied information, recommendations, and descriptions.

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