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You may be an expert in something, but it probably isn’t real estate. Here at Bozeman Brokers, we want you to have the best home buying experience possible, after all it is the biggest investment you will likely ever make! We believe that having individual real estate representation in the buying process helps you to get the most out of the experience. This list is here to help you through some of the ambiguities when deciding whether or not to use a Realtor for a buyers agent.


The reasons you should probably use a buyers agent- 

Negotiation experience

The average years of experience for the Brokers in our office is over 25 years. This means our Brokers have been through over 25 years worth of negotiations. Our past experiences allow us to thoughtfully anticipate and understand our client’s needs and wants while applying our knowledge of the market to satisfy your goals. 

First to know about new listings

Professional buyers agents are in the know about new listings and other properties before they come on the market. This gives you an advantage over unrepresented buyers, and could be the difference between an accepted offer or waiting for the next property. 

Network of trusted vendors, inspectors, lenders, and appraisers

Good Realtors have professional relationships with quality vendors, inspectors, lenders, and appraisers that all help the process move along without a hitch. 

Lending knowledge

Although Realtors don’t have the ability to provide loans, experienced agents have trusted professional relationships with mortgage lenders and can refer you to the lender who will best suit your needs.

Full disclosure

The largest majority of lawsuits that occur in real estate transactions occur because of disclosure issues. Any transaction involving Realtors in the state of Montana requires an Owner’s Property Disclosure Statement. This document’s intention is to inform the buyer about potential issues and relevant information regarding the property. 

Interest Advocacy

An experienced real estate agent utilizes open communication to best suit the individual buyer. There are many variables associated with the purchase of a home. An agent can accurately navigate the variables of a contract, inspection, negotiation, etc. and represent the buyer’s best interest.

Broker Partner, Dan Porter, says “A seller or buyer needs to know they can trust their Realtor to represent their interest with honesty and fairness at all times and maintain their confidence throughout the process.”

Peace of mind

Real estate documents are contractual. Experienced Realtors can fully explain your rights and liabilities pertaining to each document in layman’s terms. The representation of a Broker or Realtor gives you access to a database of trusted and accurate knowledge enabling a greater understanding of the real estate transaction.


The reasons you may think you don’t need a buyers agent but actually do- 

“Realtors cost a lot”

On a typical listed property, buyer’s do not directly pay for the services of the Realtor they work with. The buyer’s agent is paid by the seller’s negotiated commission.

“Middlemen are unnecessary”

This notion may be a common belief amongst many. But, in the case of real estate having an expert on your side can make all the difference. 

Broker Partner, Patrick Resop, says “We have outside sources that either buyers and sellers may not be aware of, from lenders to inspectors, to appraisers and so on.  We are a terrific source of information to assist them in ending up with the end result that helps them achieve their goals.” 

“I’m not their only client, they won’t have time for me”

Good Brokers and Realtors are exceptionally talented at juggling multiple clients. In fact, the busiest agents are generally some of the best agents to work with. Our agents are full-time active Brokers in the local real estate market. So yes, we are in the know and we do have time for you.

“They will only show me their listings”

If you are experiencing this, get a different agent. Every Realtor has access to the Multiple Listings Service, so every listing is able to be shown by every agent. Professional and experienced buyers agents listen to their clients. They show the houses that best fit the client’s needs even if it isn’t their company’s listing. 


Hopefully this has helped you come to the conclusion best for you, if you are still unsure contact us at the Bozeman Brokers office – 406-587-5900 – or shoot us an email – info@bozemanbrokers.com –  and we can walk you through the next steps to get you in the home you want to be in.


By: Michaela Sherritt

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